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open letter to the Kansas City, KS Airport

My family has officially drawn the line. We will not be coming to Kansas City, KS for any reason whatsoever. This latest appeasement to Muslims (by building footbasins) was the final straw- will there be Christening stations for Catholics and Protestants put in? How about a Scientology video with Tom Cruise? Buddhist prayer rooms where they are allowed to light incense? Perhaps a Voodoo station with live chickens, ready for the plucking.

How can anyone possibly justify this lunacy?
It's one thing to offer a prayer room, really, for people who are in need of spiritual comfort while traveling. But this is helping a particular member of a particular religion a specific worship ritual, and it's insane. By the way, are you going to let anyone wash their feet in the thing? Or will it be guarded, and restricted to Muslim males only?

Now, are you tired of them washing their feet in the bathroom sinks? I can understand that- the answer isn't to give them their own ritualistic foot-washing stations, it's to STOP THEM FROM PUTTING THEIR DIRTY FEET IN THE SINKS that other people who live in the 21st century also have to use. If they don't like it, they're welcome to go home, or to a nearby mosque and wash there. If I put my feet in a sink in your airport, and someone reported me, I doubt very seriously that you'd build me a bathtub for my convenience.
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