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From Tony Perkins' Washington Update

February 6, 2006

Look at the Contrast

Liberal columnists are constantly trying to link conservative Christians with Muslim fundamentalists, suggesting that we are engaged in a jihad against their enlightened ideas. The Rev. Don Wildmon of the American Family Association is denounced as a mullah whenever he leads a protest against some liberal outrage on television. After his leading role in pressing NBC executives to cancel The Book of Daniel, my friend Don now deserves credit for NBC's decision to pull away from an offensive episode of Will & Grace. They had originally planned to have Britney Spears as a Christian conservative with a cooking show billed as "Cruci-fixin's." NBC has now stated that that storyline will not be present in the Spears' episode. Notice, though, what Don Wildmon has not done. He hasn't burned NBC executives' homes, threatened them with death, or strapped explosives to a bicycle messenger. Look at Europe. There, Muslim protesters against an offensive Danish cartoon portrayal of Mohammed have burned flags, set fire to a Danish Embassy, praised mass murderers, and yelled "Freedom Go To H_ll!" Four people have died in the rioting.
We will continue to speak out against the media's constant attempts to insult and degrade Christians and Christianity. But we will continue to use the means and methods of freedom - freedom that rests upon the foundation of Christianity.
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