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two groups of ignoramuses

A bunch of "protesters" attacked police and businesses today in Toledo, Ohio... it turned into a riot. The crowd of rioters were mad that the neo nazi idiots were allowed to have a parade and demonstration (hey we all hate those guys, but folks, this is a FREE COUNTRY with the right to assemble. But I digress.)
I don't know that any of the facists were even hurt. Just local businesses.

photo from Foxnews.com:
A local black man is quoted at Foxnews.com as saying,
"They let them come here and expect this not to happen?" said White, 29.

In other words, if something happens that we don't like, we can't control ourselves...? I don't think so. The choice was there; anyone can choose how to react or behave. If some low-life neo nazis show up somewhere, IGNORE THEM, PROTEST THEM, YELL AT THEM. Don't attack the police, a gas station, and a bar. That's just stupid.

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