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A Government Run by Spooks? Yipe.

Do Americans Want a Government Run by Spooks?
Wednesday, October 26, 2005
By John Gibson

John Gibson

I actually read Joe Wilson's book, which is more than I can say for all those so-called reviewers that are reviewing my book on Amazon without ever having seen the thing.

Ok, I digress.

I did read Wilson's book.

I think I'm reporting this right when I say that Joe Wilson (search) is anti-war, in the sense that he's a diplomat and he says in his book he always believed diplomacy could solve disputes and wars weren't wise or always necessary.

He even said he was against going into Baghdad in '93 to get Saddam.

And the reasons he cites will give you reason to think he would also have been against any war talk leading up to the invasion in '03.

He talked about how it would hurt us in Arab countries, that people would think the worst of us, etc.

So Wilson is married to the secret CIA lady. Think she knows his innermost thoughts on war and Saddam? Yeah, I think she might.

So how come she sends him — uses her influence to have him sent, if you like — to investigate a charge that if true will lead directly to a war he opposes?

And if one thinks she might have had her own political agenda at work in picking her anti-war husband to investigate a key element in the case for war, should she be allowed to remain a secret player in this very important political drama?

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