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These are from an, as now, unknown source. Will credit when I find out where it's from. ;)
UPDATE! Found it here at this link: http://tinyurl.com/8eou5

1. Which liberal says that labor unions are essential for worker rights and accepted the Cesar Chavez Award for their contributions to the labor movement, but uses non-union labor in the hotels, restaurants, and Napa Valley Vineyard that they own?

a. Susan Sarandon
b. Paul Newman
c. Nancy Pelosi

Answer: C. Nancy Pelosi, who is part owner of the Piatti restaurant chain, La Auberge Hotel, and a Napa Valley Vineyard—all of which are strictly non-union.

2. Who says that conservatives are racist because they don’t support affirmative action but has an abysmal record of hiring blacks?

a. Barbra Streisand
b. Michael Moore
c. Al Franken
d. All of the above

Answer D. All of the above. Of the 112 people Franken has hired to work on his books, television projects and radio program, only one was black. Of the 135 individuals Michael Moore hired, only three were black. Barbra Streisand has hired 53 senior people t o work on her film projects and only one was black.

3. Who says that corporations are “terrorists” and has said “I don’t own a single share of stock” but secretly owns shares in Pentagon contractors like Boeing, pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer, and even Halliburton?

a. Barney Frank
b. Gloria Steinem
c. Michael Moore

Answer: C. Michael Moore. According to IRS records, Moore owns at least several hundred
thousands of dollars in stock and has a broker, even though he has repeatedly claimed he doesn’t “own a single share of stock.”

4. Who proclaims themself an environmentalist but is part-owner of a golf course that failed to comply with state environmental regulations to protect the California Tiger Salamander and the Western Pond Turtle?

a. Leonardo DiCaprio
b. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
c. Nancy Pelosi

Answer: C. Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi and her husband are part owners of the CordeValle Golf Club in
California. In 1996 they we re granted a permit to build the course if they created natural habitats for these endangered species. To date, these habitats still have not been built. The golf course has also been cited for polluting groundwater. They have hired lobbyists to fight the regulations.

5. Who says that Americans need to consume less to stave off ecological disaster, but spends $22,000 a year to water their lawn?

a. Hillary Clinton
b. Barbra Streisand
c. Rob Reiner

Answer: B. Barbra Streisand. The singer, who says that cutting back is the only way to protect the environment, lives alone with her husband on a compound with five homes and a 12,000 square foot air conditioned barn.

6. Who says that Americans who live in white neighborhoods are racist, but lives in a town of with no blacks?

a. Al Gore
b. Rosie O’Donnell
c. Michael Moore

Answer: C. Michael Moore. According to the 2000 Census, Central Lake, Michigan, where Michael Moore has lived th e past seven years, has 2600 residents. Zero are black.

7. Who says the rich need to pay their fair share and favors the estate tax, but hides his own assets in numerous trusts, including one in the faraway Pacific island of Fiji?

a. George Soros
b. John Edwards
c. Ted Kennedy

Answer: C. Ted Kennedy. The Kennedys have transferred more than half a billion in money from generation to generation but according to their own records paid only $134,000 in estate taxes. Their largest asset, the Merchandise Mart real estate company, was in a trust domiciled in Fiji.

8. Who says that oil companies cause pollution and global warming but quietly owns an oil company that drills for crude in five states?

a. Tom Daschle
b. Dan Rather
c. The Kennedys

Answer: C. The Kennedys. The Kennedys own Arctic Royalty Trust, which leases out land for oil drilling in five states. Much of the land was accumulated by convincing poor rural black farmers to giv e away their “mineral rights,” not knowing what it meant. The Kennedys set the operation up as a Royalty Trust to avoid paying income and corporate taxes on the profits. Family members including Ted Kennedy, environmentalist Robert Kennedy, Jr., and Joe Kennedy, Jr. receive checks every year.

9. Who used a private jet on his last book tour – stays at the Ritz Carlton when in London … yet conducts press interviews in a cheap hotel nearby to give reporters the impression he is staying there instead?

a. Michael Moore
b. Bill Clinton
c. James Carville

Answer: A. Michael Moore, who calls himself an Average Joe from Flint, MI. He says, “Once you’re working class, you’re always working class” - that’s what he wants us to believe; in reality, Moore lives a luxury-class lifestyle out of reach of most Flint residents.

10 . Who has proclaimed themselves a corporate activist but has made money by investing in companies they were protesting against?

a. R EM’s Michael Stipe
b. Ralph Nader
c. Alec Baldwin

Answer: B. Ralph Nader. When Nader went after Firestone in the 1970s, he made stock investments in Goodyear, their main competitor. When he campaigned for the breakup of Microsoft in 2000, he invested hundreds of thousands in other high-tech companies that stood to benefit.

11. Who says that the rich have avoided paying taxes by setting up “trusts” but set up their own trust to do the very same thing?

a. Arianna Huffington
b. Madonna
c. Noam Chomsky

Answer: C. Noam Chomsky. The self-described “radical socialist” hired a tax attorney a few years ago and poured considerable assets into an irrevocable trust for his children in an effort to avoid taxes.

12. Name the individual who has denounced black capitalism and criticized blacks for aspiring to live in white neighborhoods while engaging in these very acts themselves.

a. Danny Glover
b. Jesse Jackson
c. Cornel West

Answer: C. Cornel West. The self-professed “Marxist” runs several business ventures and lives in a neighborhood where the black population is 1%.

13. Who has called the Pentagon “the most hideous institution on the face of the earth” while enriching themselves with millions of dollars in Pentagon contracts?

a. Noam Chomsky
b. Ward Churchill
c. Howard Dean

Answer: A. Noam Chomsky. The self-proclaimed “dissident” and his wife have made millions in military contracts over the years.
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